You may be saying to yourself that you've heard enough about the new Mercedes-AMG GT R. You've seen plenty of shots of its flat-green Green Hell Magno paint.  You know all the specs of the 577-horsepower monster mill packed under the hood. It's been AMG GT R overload. The problem is, we're not quite done just yet. You see Mercedes-AMG brought the car out to the Goodwood Festival of Speed and unleashed it to do what it does best.

As you can see in this video, there's a bit of noise and a good deal of opposite lock involved in the run up Lord March's driveway. We wish the video editor would have cut the music back or just simply left it out. That exhaust noise is a better song than anything you could otherwise pair with the clip.

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The AMG engineers are doing tremendous things when it comes to creating visceral aural excitement. It's especially surprising considering that the noise has to squeeze its way out from a pair of turbochargers. While turbos are great for making power, they typically sap a bit of the audio fun. That's not the case here.

We look forward to hearing the first examples that hit the road and then stop at their local aftermarket exhaust shop for an upgrade. The SLS AMG and AMG GT race cars are some of the greatest sounding modern GT machines. Now it appears that it's possible to get quite close to that level of aural stimulation, but with a road-going car. Well done, AMG!


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