The Ferrari [NYSE:RACE] Cavalcade is a gathering of brand loyalists who come together for the chance to share in their passion. This year, the Cavalcade gathered in the Venetian region of Italy. A large parade of Prancing Horse enthusiasts then set off for drives and events throughout the area. One such drive took the crew through the Dolomite mountains, and that's where a LaFerrari wound up parked in a most undesirable manner.

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We have no details regarding just how the crash occurred. What we do know, however, is the aftermath. This LaFerrari driver somehow managed to lose control and wound up hitting a parked car and a restaurant sign before coming to rest on top of a very large rock. We don't understand how this driver could've messed up so badly because the road itself seems like a very scenic village trail on which you would drive rather slowly.

Look, we understand that the LaFerrari is a powerful, intoxicating beast of a machine. There's a total of 950 horsepower on tap to unleash, and you need to have an above average set of skills to fully realize all of that juice. These cars will be crashed, and indeed have crashed in the past. Still, this particular wreck seems rather unnecessary.

That's a slow road. That's a big rock. That's a needlessly expensive day.

Thanks for the tip, Gordon!