What happens when you open up ideas for a new stunt track to the world? Well, you get a bunch of goofy suggestions.

Honda did just that to promote its Civic Coupe and produced a video to prove it.

In this video, stunt driver Matt Powers takes the wheel of a series of Civics to attack Honda's "Dream Track." He uses it to destroy a dinosaur pinata, bowl over some inflatable pins, paint a cute baby duck, play in a massive pinball machine, and get pummeled by enough doughnuts to bring Homer Simpson to his knees in tears.

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To come up with ideas for the track, Honda put a call out to fans on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #CivicDreamTrack. The replies rolled in, Honda picked the ones it wanted to use, and the track became a reality. In the video, the Civic stops in front of signs showing the social media posts from the fans who suggested that section.

Quite honestly, most of the ideas are corny, but it looks like Powers is having a fun time using the Civic Coupe to play in this "Alice in Wonderland"-style automotive reality. And if it inspires some social media fans to go out and buy a Civic, good for Honda.