While the writing staff of The Simpsons may not have many gearheads on staff, arguably the best-known car nut in the world joined the crew for a recent episode.

That's right, Jay Leno recently left his own garage (if only for a minute) to head over to the hit Fox animated series. His character drives up in, appropriately enough, a 1973 Citroën DS Pallas, when he zips by a Morgan 3 Wheeler parked in Homer Simpson's driveway.

We won't spoil the episode, which aired recently, but it's safe to say that the appearance of a Morgan 3 Wheeler in the driveway at 742 Evergreen Terrace is a little contrived.

Still, Leno says in this promo video that he had a good time doing voice-over work for the episode, even though he had to add in some color commentary about the cars being featured. Apparently the original script contained some inaccuracies and some oddball wording from writers not nearly as enthusiastic about automobiles as the former Tonight Show funnyman. 

The episode doesn't mark Leno's first appearance on the hit cartoon, but it is the first to capitalize on his renowned interest in cars.


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