Bugatti has issued not one, but three recalls for its ultra-exotic Veyron.

Given that a mere 450 Veyrons were built over the car's production span, tracking down owners won't exactly be a challenge for Volkswagen's high-end division.

All three recalls are separate and will not apply to every Veyron. The earlier models are the most likely to be affected. Here they are:

  • 87 2006-2010 Veyrons, 2010-2012 Veyron Grand Sports, and 2011-2013 Veyron Super Sports have been recalled because of aluminum underbody panels that need to be sealed and riveted in place because they could corrode and come loose.
  • 72 2006-2010 Veyrons and 2010-2011 Veyron Grand Sports have a fuel gauge that could potentially display the incorrect level of fuel in the gas tank. To remedy this, Bugatti will replace a control unit and upgrade the car's running software.
  • 13 2006-2008 Veyrons have a battery cable that could potentially corrode, so Bugatti plans to replace the positive cable and the cars' alternators to rectify the concern.
Bugatti will contact owners of affected vehicles soon with instructions on how the automaker will correct the vehicles' problems. Given the Veyron's exotic status and the fact that there aren't exactly Veyron showrooms in every town, Bugatti will likely work directly with owners to correct some of the issues. 
Thus ends today's public service announcement for over-privileged hypercar owners.


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