Snow and ice is apparently the new venue of choice for drifting a powerful muscle car or setting high speed records, but these two Russian drivers have raised the bar.

The guys from Russia's Evil Empire driving team traveled to Karelia, a remote town near the country's border with Finland, to put a sixth-generation Chevrolet Corvette Z06 and a radically modified (and painted) Toyota Supra through their paces along a narrow, winding road covered in snow and outlined by trees.

The video is worth watching for its scenery alone as the two cars loudly fly through peaceful evergreens, if not the Kid Rock soundtrack. The two cars (usually) slide in unison as though their drivers movements are synchronized. The whole thing is nearly impossible to imagine, especially given the speed at which these two cars rip along this country road.

There's no shortage of drone footage, a viewpoint from which the cars look more like slot cars on a dream-come-true track.

Perhaps most exciting is the fact that the video proclaims that there's more to come, so stay tuned for Evil Empire's next round of shenanigans.

Next time, maybe they'll drift a Hummer H1 on Mars. 

Thanks to Jalopnik for finding the video. 


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