We've all been there. You walk out to your car, eager to get moving and begin your day. Your key slides into the ignition and you give it a quick twist. It starts to make that expected noise as it cranks over, but then it doesn't continue on its journey. Your car isn't starting. You pause, confused as to the lack of internal combustion unfolding just ahead of your feet, and give it another shot. Nothing. Your car isn't starting, and now you have to figure out why.

This recently happened to Engineering Explained, but the situation unfolded while the car was moving. The host's Acura Integra decided to die while underway. Thankfully, this man knows how to diagnose and fix a problem. Thankfully for you, he's willing to share that knowledge.

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When it comes to a starting problem, you have four basic areas you need to examine. Your car needs spark, fuel, air, and compression. If you can walk through the list of items that supply all of those four things, you will determine the area that's giving your engine problems.

For this particular car in the video above, the situation proved to be an easy fix. It's also one that anyone with a basic set of tools could complete at home. In doing so, you get a bit more in tune with your own vehicle and save a bundle of cash by not taking it to a shop. 


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