Porsche is heading in a different direction with the Mission E. The company's first electric sports car, the Mission E promises 600 horsepower and 310 miles of range. We first saw the Mission E Concept at the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show. Now Porsche has released a video that goes behind the scenes with the design team as they work on the Mission E Concept.

The video details both the exterior and interior design. Watch and you'll learn how elements of vintage Porsches shaped the front end and lines from the 919 race car made it to the Concept car. You'll also see the 1/3 scale design studies, many of the original sketches, and some German dudes wearing German clothes.

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When it comes to the interior, you'll see that Porsche has incorporated the latest concepts, like gesture control, eye recognition, and a holographic display. Without a central dashboard screen, commands can be input on both the front passenger side and via the center console.

Finally, you'll learn that the Mission E Concept is a running, driving vehicle, though not with the promised powertrain. Instead, it uses electrical components from the Boxster E, an electric car prototype from 2011. 

We're hoping Porsche will release more of these videos. A deep dive into the engineering of the groundbreaking car would be great. How about it Porsche?


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