Spyker will take to the Javitz Center in Manhattan next week with its new, Audi-powered C8 Preliator supercar.

The car is big news for Spyker as it is the detail-oriented Dutch brand's third-generation sports car, and New York is a fitting place. Spyker CEO Victor Muller said in a release that about half of the brand's sales are in the United States, and that the company's first dealership on local soil was Manhattan Motor Cars.

The C8 Preliator formally bowed earlier this month at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. Powered by a 525-horsepower Audi-sourced V-8 engine, the Preliator is an update of the brand's C8 Aileron that debuted back in 2009.

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Just as aircraft-inspired as Spyker's two prior modern sports cars (the company actually dates back to the early 20th century but went defunct in 1926 before being revived in 2000), the C8 Preliator weighs just 3,065 pounds and can sprint from a stop to 62 mph in a mere 3.7 seconds.

Spyker says that its next step will be electrification, and to that end the company has partnered with American firm Volta Volare to develop a new powertrain. It's not expected that Spyker will announce anything about the new powertrain in New York, but Muller usually has a few tricks up his sleeve.

We look forward to learning more about Spyker's future plans once the 2016 New York Auto Show gets underway on March 23. To learn about some of the other vehicles set to appear at the show, head to our dedicated hub.