Doing donuts in the snow is one of life's great joys. It's fun doing reverse donuts with a Honda Civic, all-wheel-drive slides with a Subaru WRX, and rear-wheel-drive snow shenanigans with a Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] Mustang. Things are cranked up a notch though if you're driving, oh, say a Lamborghini Diablo with a 6.0-liter V-12 engine.

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You've got a snowy day out and your 550-horsepower machine has 59 percent of its weight hanging out over the rear wheels. It's time to start spinning and smiling because you're rather traction limited. Still, with the right winter tires anything is possible, and we're smiling because this Diablo owner in this video from YouTube user GT Scotland (via duPont Registry) is out enjoying his machine in less than ideal weather.

Bonus points also go to the Ferrari [NYSE:RACE] 355 owner who's also out driving his Italian exotic through the snow. The Ferrari snownuts aren't quite as strong as the loops pulled off by the Lambo owner, but both are winning in the fun department for today.

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