Back in December and on into January, posts were popping up about a new Porsche Design product. It's a soundbar that uses actual parts from a 911 GT3. Specifically, the rear silencer and twin exhaust tips are turned into a speaker. Sounds kind of cool, especially if you're a massive Porsche fan. You'd better be one, though, because the price tag is an eye-watering $3,100.

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Porsche is promoting the speaker with all sorts of seemingly fun sounding words strung together. It has a "2.1 virtual surround system" means it has two speakers. The "rear silencer and twin exhaust serve as subwoofer boost" like every speaker with any back space since the beginning of time. It has "200-watt system performance for passion you can hear," which is good since you want your speakers to produce noise. The "Bluetooth interface transfers music wirelessly in CD quality," if you're starting with CD-quality digital music, which you're probably not. Finally, the "LED Display with a sporty grille-like screen" is touting the fact that this is a speaker with a metal mesh front. In other words, it's telling you about a speaker grille.


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My favorite part of this speaker announcement? The various Porsche fan sites fawning over it and proclaiming their strong desire to put this piece in their living rooms. Now, I get that it's a sort of automotive art and I actually enjoy that part of it. But once you put the words "Porsche Design" on pretty much anything, you have to then also put the words "exorbitant overspending" in your brain as well.

If you buy this speaker, I hope you can also afford a real Porsche 911. Otherwise, your money is probably better spent elsewhere.


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