When the snow falls in Belgium, it covers up one of the world's great motorsports circuits. Spa-Francorchamps is sitting under a whole bunch of the white stuff at the moment, and that means the track is closed. Well, it's not totally closed as the driving instructors at RSR (Ron Simmons Racing) recently showed us. One instructor used one of the company's rental Nissan GT-Rs as a tow vehicle, another grabbed his snowboard and a tow rope, and the duo set off around Spa.

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Being towed by a Nissan GT-R has to be a unique experience. Being towed around Spa by a Nissan GT-R in the dead of winter has to be absolute insane fun. According to the video description, the driver and rider saw speeds as high as 75 miles per hour. That's quite fast for a GT-R over snow, but it's wildly fast for a non-airbag-protected meat sack on a snowboard. 

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The video is a fun look into the downtime of the RSR crew. It also serves to highlight the mental disconnect that a real race car driver has between being safe and going fast. We applaud the snowboarder for strapping in and running hot.


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