It's called Lincoln Miles, and it's designed to make leasing a Lincoln easier to track with regard to your mileage usage. An app on your smartphone will allow you to monitor your daily mileage usage and predict where you'll end up when it's time to turn the vehicle back into the dealer. The bonus piece of the puzzle is that if you return the vehicle with unused miles, Lincoln will reward you with credits valued between $100 and $1,000.

Now, you're not going to get cash on your unused miles. Instead, you'd use these credits toward the purchase or lease of another Lincoln vehicle. Lincoln is currently rolling out a pilot version of the program to select clients. The automaker is targeting folks with 10 to 25 months left on their lease agreements, and those who are driving an MKC, MKX, or MKZ that supports connectivity functionality.

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It's actually surprising that there isn't another app out there already designed to keep track of lease mileage. Oh wait, there are tons of third party apps, but the automakers are just figuring out that this may be a useful thing. Well, useful in that it could potentially push someone with a lease into another vehicle from their stable when that lease is up.

We're not saying $1,000 toward a new lease is a bad thing, but it's not that exciting either. especially when Lincoln would want more than three times that amount for the down payment on a new lease.


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