Here, finally, is a bit of good news for those of you thinking about buying a 2016 Ferrari [NYSE:RACE] F12 tdf. The vehicle will come equipped with Apple CarPlay. Breathe easy car buyers!

In all seriousness though, Apple just put out a webpage that will make your car buying options a bit smaller should you be on the hunt for a vehicle equipped with the tech firm's CarPlay smartphone integration system, which lets you access and control your phone's app using the car's controls and screen.

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On the new webpage (, you can see a list of every car being offered that comes packing the tech. There's a vehicle for all sorts of budgets too, as you could be shopping for a 2016 Hyundai Sonata or 2016 Chevy Spark on up to that aforementioned offering from the prancing horse purveyor. Chevrolet, Cadillac, and Volkswagen are leading the pack when it comes to which company is offering up the most models with the infotainment tech. Still, if you just round up all of the General Motors Company [NYSE:GM] brands, then the battle isn't even close.

Could there be more Apple automotive Internet goodness around the corner? Well, if you go by the latest batch of WhoIs listings in Apple's name, then yes it seems that's quite possible. Apple recently acquired the web addresses Apple.Car, Apple.Cars, and Apple.Auto. We'd love to know if those are going to point towards an actual Apple designed and built automobile... or if it's all just related to CarPlay.

For now, we can just look at the CarPlay page to tell our fanboy friends which car they should be looking to buy.


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