After issuing a recall on the 2016 California T, Ferrari [NYSE:F] has ordered a stop-sale on the 2016 488 GTB due to a potential fire risk. A recall wasn't necessary because none of the cars have been sold in the United States yet.

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A manufacturing flaw in a fuel-system component could lead to an engine-compartment fire. Specifically, a low-pressure fuel line, supplied by Dytech, may not be properly connected to the fuel pump’s feed line due to an "improper coating treatment" where the metallic portion of the fuel pipe connects to the fuel pump. That could lead to a fuel-vapor leak in the engine compartment, and an increased chance of smoke and/or fire.

Ferrari identified problem the on the California T last month during “a routine pressure check” at the assembly line, and on December 18 the company sent recall announcement letters to those owners.

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Since none of the 116 488 GTBs built for the U.S. so far have been sold, Ferrari has issued a stop-sale to fix the issue before the cars are delivered to customers. That should give Ferrari owners some piece of mind, and prevent possible disaster for owners of what is sure to be an exciting car.


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