A man in China found out that the passenger he was shuttling wasn't allowed to ride in his Lamborghini Gallardo. Well, in isn't the right word as this passenger was riding atop of the bright green Gallardo. The passenger in question was a giant teddy bear that the Lamborghini owner was bringing to his girlfriend.

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It was too large to fit in the passenger compartment, so the oversized fluffy guest had to be affixed to the roof of the car. Unfortunately, this meant it was smothering the engine cover, and may just have led to a toasty experience. According to Chinese website Weibo, where this photo was sourced, a police officer happened to be nearby filming a documentary and spotted the potentially hazardous roof rider.

The driver was apparently later seen hopping into a cab to deliver the gift to his girlfriend. Might we recommend a slightly smaller bear in the future?

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