Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] is prepping for a global performance onslaught. The future lineup of the sporty side of the Blue Oval looks exciting thanks to the impending arrival of the new GT, Focus RS, Shelby GT350, and Raptor. If you like hooliganism behind the wheel, you're in luck. And now you've also got great grip because Ford has announced that it's partnering with Michelin to make sure all of those vehicles are wearing sticky rubber.

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This extends down to the Fiesta and Focus ST as well, who will now both be offered with Michelin Pilot tires. The Shelby GT350 gets Pilot Super Sport rubber. Both the GT350R and the Ford GT get the absolutely excellent Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires. For the upcoming Focus RS, buyers can opt to run the standard Pilot Super Sports or option up to the Sport Cup 2s.

No, the Raptor won't be shod with sticky street tires. Instead, Michelin turns to its sibling BFGoodrich brand for some excellent KO2 tires. These are Baja-tested and approved, and they'll be perfect for the Raptor.

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However, it's not just street tires that Ford and Michelin will be partnering up to run. The Ford GT is heading to Le Mans, as you've no doubt heard. When it gets there it will be wearing Michelin racing rubber, which should help the GT make quite the return to a race it won so many years ago.


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