A supercar from every country? Why not? Let's see what the various nations of the world can produce when it comes to the topic of high-speed, high-attention automobiles.

Next up on the list could be India, as a young man named Sarthak Paul has a vision of what that Indian-bred supercar could be. According to CNNMoney, Paul is ready to get moving on his design, and he's named his fledgling automotive company Mean Metal Motors.

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The name is a bit hokey, but the man is clearly dreaming big with his new company. The goal is to create the car shown above, which is called the M-Zero. It will be a mid-engined machine that goes the way of the current trend of packing in a hybrid-electric powertrain. A 200-mph top speed and a 0-60 blast of under three seconds are certainly nothing to scoff at, as is the estimated $150,000 price tag.

Of course, those are all just goals and ideas at the moment, as Paul is still raising needed funds to produce his dream car. To do this, he's leveraging the building blocks of the car to other industries. The M-Zero is said to utilize a new material called carbo-flax, which is supposed to be lighter and less expensive than carbon fiber. Paul wants to have Indian companies produce satellites from the material, and use the funds from those sales to develop and produce his M-Zero.

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Either way, we think it looks a bit better than that other Indian-created performance car, the DC Design Avanti.


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