It seems that the Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] is looking for new ways to brighten your motoring experience. Patent applications discovered by Car and Driver show the automaker wants to create body panels that are capable of being lit up. There is a bunch of scientific/engineering style jargon you can read for yourself, but the gist is that there's a bit of molding along the edge of a panel that contains lighting elements.

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You could light up your bumper bright red during a panic stop. The turn signal elements could be eliminated in favor of blended LED lights. Maybe you could even change the general look of your car through the use of lighting features located all over the body. The possibilities are, as far as lighting is concerned, wide ranging from incredibly boring to actually quite interesting.

You fans of light don't get too excited just yet, of course. You most likely already know that the DOT is pretty strict in this arena. Right now we can't get a lot of the cool technology being deployed outside the States. So we don't see a strong case being made just yet as to why light-up body panels would get a thumbs up from the killjoys at the DOT. 

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