Here at Motor Authority, we love performance cars and we love driving them along our favorite roads. But we also know that the only way to truly enjoy one is at a track, where you can legally, but more importantly safely, push the car and your own skills to the limits.

Of course, not everyone is used to driving at a track, and for beginners, those initial track days can be quite nerve-racking. The experience is portrayed hilariously in this video from the new YouTube channel of Jalopnik, which features one of the site’s scribes, Mike Ballaban, and his first experiences on a closed circuit. Oh, and he has a Volkswagen Golf R and an Alfa Romeo 4C to get around in.

Jalopnik’s new YouTube channel looks like it has the chops to generate just as many laughs as its website, so we look forward to seeing what the guys get up to next. No doubt some side-splitting hilarity will ensue.


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