A pair of dogs decided to go for a bit of a joy ride when their Yarmouth, Nova Scotia owner walked away from a car they were in. A few onlookers noticed a Pontiac Vibe slowly rolling out into traffic, and saw not human drivers at the helm but rather canine controllers. One onlooker managed to snap a picture of the pups as they rolled past.

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According to CBCNews, the owner accidentally left the car in neutral and walked away for a moment. Gravity took hold, and the car began to slowly roll away.

The onlookers said they were laughing as the exasperated owner caught up to his departing dogs. They also snapped the aforementioned picture despite their gales of laughter. Our question is: why didn't they stop the car?

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Yes, it's a funny situation. No, we're not trying to be killjoys. But someone probably should've stopped what is described as a slow-rolling car before the car got smacked, the dogs got hurt, and anyone else could've been injured.

Still... dogs driving cars, that's classic comedy right there. 


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