According to Motor Trend, the engineers at Chevrolet have a hankerin' to dial in some more handling to the SS sedan. Apparently they've already mapped out what it would take to give the car the same handling upgrade that's been created for the Camaro 1LE (the two cars share a Zeta platform after all). This includes a move to a square stance for the tires, different dampers, and a rejigging of the suspension.

More importantly, those same engineers say they can make the upgrade in just three to six months. Good news, right? Well, sure if you think it's actually going to happen.

If you've paid attention to the saga of the SS, you'll know that Chevrolet likes to pretend to care about it. The engineers certainly love the car, and so do enthusiasts. It's the higher ups that need to have a desire for it to succeed, however, and that's not going to happen. Yes, they added a manual and magnetic ride for 2015, but that was just a way to stir up a bit more attention and desire for a car amongst a niche buying group before they shutter the thing (production at the car's Australian plant ends in 2017).

At the most recent Chicago Auto Show, you could get a look at the latest SS... if you walked to the far corner of the booth, and didn't mind that you were over near a row of vending machines. Oh, and basically in the dark since the lighting was awful back there. It was as if they made room for it simply because they had to but definitely not because they wanted to.

We'd love nothing more than for a car like this to flourish. It's a super-sleeper sedan with a V-8, rear-wheel drive, and you can have it with a manual if you desire. It checks a lot of boxes... for not a lot of people.

Don't hold your breath for a 1LE package SS fans*.

(*We'd love to be wrong about this)


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