The new James Bond film is currently in production, and fans of the franchise should be extremely excited about the supposed return of SPECTRE. Car fans will no doubt be excited by a new Aston Martin, which arrives in the form of the DB10. Additionally, Jaguar is getting in on the Bond fun by offering up its CX-75 as the ride of choice for the film's villain. Some scenes were being filmed at the Blenheim Palace in England, and someone was able to capture low-res captures of behind-the-scenes action.

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The basic premise of the shot is that Bond (we're going to assume it's Bond, since it's his car) needs to escape some baddies that are intent on raining gunfire down upon him. He must reverse and evade. Sounds exciting, but the reality is that if you were on set you'd eventually be bored to tears after watching the 30th take on the same shot.

Still, you would be excited to see all of the various automobiles on hand for the shot. There's a high "cool-car" factor going on here, especially if you look closely. The CX-75 nose is visible in a few shots, as it what appears to possibly be either a Jaguar XJ220 or maybe even a Bugatti EB110. Additionally, the DB10 is one heck of a looker as well.

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The one that would be the most fun to play with? That Mercedes-Benz ML63 camera car. The arm and camera sitting on top of the roof cost more than a number of the vehicles themselves that are sitting in the shot.


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