Despite only being a volume producer of cars since the start of the decade, McLaren Automotive is already well on its way to catching up with more established brands in the supercar scene, such as Lamborghini. McLaren has announced it delivered 1,648 cars to customers worldwide in 2014, which is up 21 percent on its tally for 2013.

And with McLaren previously confirming that its 2013 sales tally earned it a small profit, the 1,648 cars delivered in 2014, a new record for the company, is likely to have seen profits grow substantially. McLaren doesn’t have to reveal its financials since it’s privately owned.

McLaren cites the introduction of the new P1 as well as the expansion of its global sales network as the reasons for the strong result. The number of McLaren dealers worldwide grew by 14 to a total of 68, with the automaker now operating in 30 countries—and more are set to open in 2015.

Of the 1,648 cars delivered, 248 were P1s and the remaining 1,400 were made up of 650S models and some remaining 12Cs.

The Asia-Pacific region saw the biggest rise with sales increasing by 80 percent over 2013 with 11 new retail locations across the region and a booming luxury market helping to fuel this growth. The North American market remained McLaren’s largest market, however, accounting for more than 30 percent of overall sales. Meanwhile, sales in both Europe and the Middle East grew year-on-year by 10 percent and nine percent respectively.

In 2015, deliveries of the P1 will finally taper off as the car’s 375-unit production cap is reached. However, a new entry-level model dubbed the Sports Series will be launched this year, a car whose arrival should see McLaren’s annual production rate reach the 4,000-unit mark first touted by key shareholder Ron Dennis back in 2009.


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