Chevrolet is using this week’s 2015 Consumer Electronics Show to preview a new connected car service that can predict and notify you when certain components of your car need attention—in many cases before performance is impacted. The service will be made available on several 2016 model year Chevrolets, as part of the OnStar 4G LTE suite of subscription services.

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The service will initially be able to monitor the status of a car’s battery, starter motor and fuel pump, but more components will be added to the list in later model years. The service relies on sensors within the car that sends data back to Chevy, which uses proprietary algorithms to assess whether certain conditions could impact performance.

Should a part need to be serviced or perhaps replaced, Chevy can then notify the car’s owner via email, text message, in-car alerts or through the OnStar RemoteLink smartphone app. The first vehicles to feature the new service will be the 2016 Equinox, Tahoe, Suburban, Corvette, Silverado and Silverado HD, although the availability will be powertrain-dependent.

Other new services coming to OnStar include one that will allow owners to check key data points of their car, such as tire pressure or oil life, continuously. Currently, they access that information through a monthly email as well as through the OnStar RemoteLink smartphone app.

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There will also be an available service that monitors your driving and provides feedback on certain driving metrics, comparing your results against an aggregate of other drivers that use the service. If you happen to be a safe driver, you will be able to choose to supply your info to insurance firms, which may then offer discounted premiums. Insurance firm Progressive is already working with Chevy to help get the service ready.

Finally, there will also be a service that connects drivers with businesses along their route, giving them info about possible offers.

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