McLaren Automotive is set to launch a new supercar positioned below its 650S and plans to reveal it for the first time next year, most likely at the Geneva Motor Show in March. We’ve already spotted test mules for the new car, which is referred to internally as the P13 and has been confirmed this week to be called the Sports Series. Now we have the first official photo of the car, which at the moment looks very much like a smaller version of the 650S.

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The Sports Series name might sound a bit silly but it’s meant to signify that the new McLaren is more of a sports car as opposed to the high-end supercars that most people associate with the brand. The Sports Series will compete with the Ferrari California T and high-end Porsche 911 variants, and is expected to be the most practical model in the McLaren lineup.

The basis of the vehicle will be McLaren’s carbon fiber monocoque chassis used in the 650S, and its powerplant will be the familiar 3.8-liter V-8 found in all modern McLaren road cars.

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Along with revealing the name of its latest model and showing us this first pic, McLaren also launched this week a new teaser campaign for the Sports Series that will focus on game-changing moments throughout history, otherwise known as black swan events. Clearly McLaren wants to persuade performance fans to see its Sports Series as a game changer in the industry, though we’ll have to wait a few more months to determine whether McLaren achieves that goal.

The first of 13 chapters in McLaren’s Sports Series teaser campaign is featured below.


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