The Pope is apparently a fan of Porsche, as he’s given his blessing for the company to use the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel for pair of 20-person corporate events. This is the first time the Sistine Chapel has been used for such an event.  

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The event will center around a classical music concert, with dinner afterward in the presence of artwork by Raphael and Michelangelo. It will also be part of a Porsche Travel Club driving tour of the Lazio region and a tour of Rome.

In all, the Travel Club experience will involve five days of exploring and sight seeing, as well as exclusive dinners, concerts, and more. The trip package includes five days and four nights of accommodation for a price of 4,590-4,990 euros, or about $5,900-$6,400.

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If you’d like to join Porsche for dinner in the famed chapel, you can find the full details at the official event site.