This week has seen a lot of great news come across the wires in the car world, but some of our favorite bits include an autonomous RS 7 that Audi plans to lap around the Hockenheim Ring at full race pace, a chance for fans to name a special-edition Chevy Camaro, and Mercedes’ tongue-in-cheek look at where baby vans come from.

Up first is Audi’s autonomous RS 7 lap at the Hockenheim Ring. The plan to show off the technology that will underpin the upcoming Piloted Driving autonomous driving system in Audi’s road cars will get a tech exhibition centered around a lap at full race pace. Audi claims the RS 7 will lap the Hockenheim circuit at a pace competitive with a real race driver—with no one behind the wheel. Thus far, in practice, the car appears to be on pace, clicking off laps just over the two-minute mark on the Grand Prix circuit.

If you’ve ever wanted to name a special-edition Chevy Camaro, here’s your chance. Chevy is offering the opportunity in conjunction with this year’s SEMA show, which kicks off in early November. The special edition car will be a custom Camaro SS with Emerald Green Metallic paint, 2SS trim, an RS Appearance package, 21-inch wheels, a rear spoiler from the ZL1, and a modified hood and bodywork package. Inside, the unnamed Camaro will also get black trim with graphite silver accents. Once named, the new Camaro will go on sale to the public as a package deal in early 2015.

Finally, it’s time for a little Dirty Driving. As Mercedes-Benz puts it in a new advertisement for its Vito vans—an upscale version of which is coming to the U.S. as the V-Class in the near future—the Dirty Driving is what leads to the creation of new baby vans. It’s a humorous, adorable look at a segment of the automotive world that’s often a bit less than glamorous, and it’s a clever, if cheeky, way to explain the automotive trope of “brand DNA."


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