Longstanding Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo is on his way out, to be replaced on October 13 by current Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne, but while there’s a changing of the guard taking place it will be business as usual at Maranello. Rumors of Ferrari suddenly boosting production and expanding into new segments are false, according to Marchionne.

Ferrari will continue "to make two-door sports cars not SUVs or four-door cars," he told Autocar in a recent interview. He also said that Ferrari won’t be increasing production to 10,000 units annually, despite a number of reports claiming so, explaining that he was happy with the current production rate of around 7,000 cars.

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Marchionne also denied claims Ferrari’s relative autonomy would be removed and the brand further integrated with FCA, stating that "the mixing of their blood would be fatal to both."

Based on these latest comments, it’s likely we won’t be seeing a sedan or SUV from Ferrari anytime soon, or even a motorcycle, which some outlets have suggested based on a patent for a V-twin engine recently filed by Ferrari. It also likely means availability will remain tight, causing no relief for those on the marque's notoriously long waiting lists.

Finally, Marchionne said that his main priority at Ferrari would be to see Scuderia Ferrari back at the top of the Formula One standings. Despite having one of the biggest budgets in the sport, its best driver is currently only fifth in the Drivers’ Championship and the team itself is only ranked fourth in the Constructors’ Championship.


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