If there’s one thing that illustrates the indomitable spirit it takes to win in racing, it’s the scenes of a rally driver and co-driver overcoming a late barrel roll into the woods to save the overall win.

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It’s a scene we’ve seen before, like this Spec Racer Ford driver who got spun and charged back 25 places to take the victory. And it’s that spirit that defines the will to win.

Here, Patrick Richard and co-driver Alan Ockwell are leading the Rally Baie-Des-Chaleurs when disaster strikes: clipping what should clearly be labeled as a “don’t cut” apex just a tick too close, their rally-prepped Subaru WRX STI leans up and rolls over, ending up on its lid in the trees. With the help of some fans, Richard manages to get the battered and broken car right side up again and slew it across the finish line of the final stage to take the overall victory.

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For the icing on the cake, listen to the driver apologize at the end only to be told by the ever-on-point co-driver that they’re still going to win.