This is an incredible example of luck, determination, and skill all coming together to yield an unlikely but heroic result.

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Starting at outside of the front row of a 33-car Spec Racer Ford field at Texas World Speedway, Denny Stripling loses the draft war down the long straight and gets pinched going into turn 1—at about 100 mph. The resulting contact sends Stripling spinning, making light contact with another car as the field races past.

But instead of throwing in the towel and limping back to pit lane, Stripling takes a second to feel out the car, then starts a mad charge through the field.

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He goes from 25th to 1st in a field stacked with talented drivers and fast cars. It’s a comeback the likes of which you’ll rarely see, and one well worth the 23 minute runtime.

Great driving, Denny.

Hat tip to Daniel V.!