Take one part Smart ForTwo, add equal parts Toyota Paseo Sprintex 1.5-liter engine and supercharger, mix well, and take to the drag strip. This is a recipe for beating Shelby Mustangs.

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At least, it’s one recipe for taking the drag-radial-shod pony car to task. And to be fair, the Smart driver didn’t quite win, lifting just before the lights to let the Mustang cruise past. It was still a close race, with the Smart turning a 13.90 to the Mustang’s 13.67 ET.

The Smart car’s advantage is all in the hole shot. Despite a rather large wheelie at launch, it rabbits down the strip, outdistancing the Mustang by several car lengths until just past mid-track, where the tables turn.

Win or lose, this is one of the coolest Smart cars we’ve seen. Who needs a big block?

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