Koenigsegg’s new One:1 supercar, billed as the world’s most powerful production car, made its official debut back in March at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, but the car on show at the Swiss event was only a mock-up. Koenigsegg is still working on a prototype for the One:1 and the first time the world will get to see it in action will be at the 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed in the U.K. next month.

As Cars UK points out, Koenigsegg will bring not just its One:1 mock-up, but also a working prototype. We also hear that the prototype will be taking part in the Goodwood festival’s Michelin Supercar Run, meaning we should get a good taste of the car's insane performance level. Organized by the French tire company, the Michelin Supercar Run is a firm favorite of the Goodwood Festival of Speed as it sees the hottest and coolest supercars show off their sheer tire-smoking power.

And just in case you aren't fully up to date on the One:1's specs, its power maxes out at an incredible 1,341 horsepower. Torque, meanwhile, is 1,011 pound-feet. And considering the One:1 will weigh 1,360 (2,998 lbs) kilograms or less, it’s easy to understand why Koenigsegg is confident the One:1 will set a new land speed record for a production car. Sadly, only six of these babies will be built—and all are spoken for.


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