In today's world of digital diversions, magnificently-rendered racing games have become the norm rather than the exception. Yet when a new version comes along, it's always unbelievable.

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Project CARS will hit stores this fall and--if its latest trailer is any indication--it should compare quite well with the latest Forza and Gran Turismo.

Like those games, Project CARS features an extraordinary variety of both race and road machinery, from the stripped-down BAC Mono and fan-favorite BMW 1 M to Formula One cars and the Audi R19 e-tron quattro hybrid Le Mans Prototype.

While it never seems possible to top the last-greatest game's graphics, Project CARS just might set a new standard. Close-up shots reveal moving suspension pieces, and the trailer has plenty of sideways action to savor in slow motion.

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Following the tagline "made by racers, for racers," Project CARS won't feature any races against the police, but it will have a career mode that sets goals for the individual player to achieve, and online community events.

Project CARS will be available this November on the Playstation 4, XBox One and Wii U consoles,  and PC and Steam OS.


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