It's an age old question... will a car help me attract a potential mate? Not everyone thinks that way of course, but there are many folks out there who view their car as an extension of themselves. What does that vehicle say to those looking on, and does your car invite or reject potential people making a connection with you.

Many surveys attempt to put answers to these questions, and the latest round of results comes from international dating site AnastasiaDate. Per its survey, the company found that nearly half of all women surveyed (48%) believe an automobile reflects the economic status of the person driving it. One out of every 10 would date a person they were not actually attracted to if said person drove an exotic vehicle.

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Men have a few interesting points of view as well. Apparently 38% of the men surveyed believe that women who own or drive an exotic or fast car are arrogant or show-offs. There's certainly a bit of stand-out personality required to drive, say, a Lamborghini around town, but we're not fans of surveys such as these. For one, they always contradict themselves. Two, at the end of the day does it really matter?

A person who is attracted to another person based on the car they drive is shallow.

Unless that person is covered in oil because it's an old British roadster... then the person being attracted is clearly a masochist and deserves to be happy being unhappy with the roadster owner.


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