Every year, Amelia Island plays host to some of the most stunning automobiles on the planet. The Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance typically runs with a few honorary themes for each new year, and the 2014 event promises to take a close look at McLaren Racing, the sports cars of Jochen Mass, and Offenhauser-powered race cars.

Additionally, the event sponsor is automaker Infiniti. This gives the luxury car maker a unique chance to get in on the action, and it's doing so with a new Q60 Convertible that has been wrapped up in a theme that serves as an ode to Offenhauser.

Bobby Unser will be in attendance because his Offy-powered 1968 Indy car will be there as well. This machine won the race in 1968 and it serves as a serious piece of motorsports history. So, Infiniti has wrapped the aforementioned Q60 in a livery that pays homage to the Unser car.

It's a good attempt at tying in the brand to the event... but we're not exactly huge fans of the look. It just seems out of place and sort of wrong on the Q60. Unser is going to use the Infiniti throughout the weekend, and when it's not in use it will be displayed in the Infiniti Pavilion.

We're going to give Infiniti an 8.5 for trying, but a 2.5 for execution.


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