The Cosworth Performance Data Recorder (PDR) was just unveiled as an option for the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette, but it may not be exclusive to that model forever.

According to Motor Trend, the agreement between Chevrolet and Cosworth gives the Bow-tie brand first dibs on the system, but eventually Cosworth will be able to sell it to other carmakers, and even to the general public.

As installed in the Corvette, PDR allows drivers to shoot high-definition video and overlay it with telemetry. Corvette chief engineer Tadge Juechter described the system as combining the best qualities of a GoPro and a VBox.

Cosworth officials told Motor Trend that the company is looking to produce an aftermarket version of the system that could be retrofitted to existing cars. To simplify things, Cosworth is in talks with GoPro to link the data recorders with one of the company's famously durable cameras. The camera and recorder may be sold separately, or together.

In addition to using the recorder's built-in antenna and sensors, Cosworth is also considering linking it to a car's OBD II port, which would provide even more data. However, the different software used by individual carmakers could make a universal solution difficult.

Cosworth didn't say how long Chevy's exclusive rights to the PDR will last, but given the fact that it's already discussing other applications, it may be just one or two development cycles. Even if Cosworth finds another buyer soon, it will probably be a few years before the next PDR-equipped model reaches showrooms.


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