Volvo has announced an update for its Sensus Connect infotainment system that enables it to deliver new cloud-based services, offering drivers and passengers of Volvo cars a vast array of new app services such as paying for parking from the car, locating new restaurants at any given destination, and streaming music and video. It also allows for in-car WiFi.

The updated system also provides full support for Pandora Internet Radio. Drivers can now stream Pandora via a data connection provided by the car’s built-in modem or their smartphone. Control of Pandora features such as station creation and thumbs feedback are now available via the head unit, making access to personalized radio in the car is as easy as regular radio.

For navigation, the system enables drivers to set destinations through their mobile device, get information about their surroundings through Wikipedia and also lets them find and pay for parking at their destination using the Park&Pay application. Sensus Connect also includes lifetime map upgrades, so you never have to worry about outdated maps.

The updated Sensus Connect system will be available in all new Volvo models starting from May of this year. Drivers who already have Sensus Connect in their cars today will be offered an update for their system.


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