The holidays have become a popular time to revert to the Internet to spread holiday cheer. That's not surprising, of course, considering the Internet IS LAW AND YOU WILL OBEY IT... er, I mean, it's a great tool for sending many messages to millions of people.

Ford of Europe is taking advantage of an older bit of technology, splaying it on a newer one, and spreading a holiday message by way of a YouTube video. That's right folks, Snowkhana is back.

You may remember that last year brought about Snowkahna One. This is a stop-motion toy car video mimicking the driving exploits of a Mr. Ken Block. The result of what we assume are tedious hours of work amounts to an entertaining short video. That team is back with Snowkhana Two, and it's more scale-car driving fun as mini Mental Block pilots his Ford rally car around a variety of toys.

There are a few guest appearances. Raphael shows up... um, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, not Raffello Sanzio da Urbino. Darth Vader climbs his way out of the tree. A classic Ford Mustang even winds up running door-to-door with the rally car. Even Ken Block makes a surprise appearance.

It's a fun way to say Happy Holidays, and it leaves already looking forward to next year with the hopes of a Snowkhana Three. 


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