The only Christmas present Chuck Norris gives you is allowing you to live another year. But this year, he's also sending us an unusual Christmas message.

Well, it isn't strictly Chuck Norris--more the work of Hungarian firm Delov Digital, which has put together a new take on Volvo's semi-truck advert featuring Jean-Claude van Damme, in which he does the splits over the cabs of two Volvo trucks. Van Damme's film was real of course, but we wouldn't dare suggest that Chuck couldn't replicate this one for real if he wanted to...

Things here are a little bigger and a little higher up than the Volvo advert--plus, the ground was worried it'd get hurt if Chuck actually fell. Delov's Christmas greeting shows him perched between two transport aircraft. With a Christmas tree formation of pilots perched on his head. If you were wondering why he looks remarkably unflustered, it isn't just his digital demeanor. Everyone knows that Chuck Norris has no wind resistance--it's scared out of the way long before getting to him.

The Motor Authority team will be taking a break next week for the season's festivities (if Chuck Norris lets us), but there'll still be a few stories to read--so keep checking back for the latest car news.


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