Since their first ad pairing for Super Bowl last year, Acura and Jerry Seinfeld have gone on to sign an exclusive ad deal for the celebrity comedian’s online series Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. The series is now about to enter its third season and to spice things up Acura has created a series of ads to go along with the new episodes.

They’re not as funny as you'd expect ads linked to a comedy series would be, especially considering Seinfeld was one of the writers and creative collaborators. For example, the ad above, called Picnic, features a family of five and potato salad. Yes, potato salad. The punchline is when the dad character boasts, “Man that Acura's spacious trunk seems about made for potato salad."

There will be eight ads in total, all of them written and stylized in a retro 1960s style as a spoof of old-time advertising. One of the ads is featured above and you can watch the rest on Acura’s YouTube page.

The spots will debut as season 3 of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee gets underway on January 2, 2014. You can watch all the episodes, including those from past seasons, via the show’s official website.


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