Eager to get your hands on the all-new 2015 BMW M4? Of course you are. It should prove to be an amazingly capable machine that thrills and delights all who jump behind the steering wheel. You're going to have to wait a bit though, and you'll need to save quite a bit of money. Or you could just go out and but Gran Turismo 6, because the world's "first drive" experiences of the car are being offered up in the latest iteration of the for-Playstation-only driving game.

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Gran Turismo got the exclusive rights to showcase the production version of the BMW M4. Well, they were supposed to be given those rights until a British website revealed the car a bit early. Oh well, seems like that's happening more and more these days.

Regardless, the car is here and its available for virtual drivers who are lucky enough to be sitting at home playing GT6 right now. We doubt the burnout control feature will be available in the game, but we are curious to hear from GT6 pilots about how it seems to handle. We'd reckon that it's a tight package designed to rip apart tracks of all shapes and sizes.

Still, the addition of the Coupe to the name seems a bit redundant, no? If it's a BMW 4 anything it's supposed to only have two doors. That is, until, a product planner decides to make a 428xi GT...


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