Did you ever collect model cars as a kid? Maybe you still do. Either way, there was always great joy in getting your hands on the latest model, whether to give it a blast around your parents' lounge or to store in an immaculately-presented display cabinet.

Sometimes it was frustrating though, particularly if your own favorite car wasn't represented by any top model company or proved impossible to get hold of. Now, the wonders of 3D printing can make any model car accessible--including an officially-sanctioned Porsche Cayman.

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Okay, so Porsche models have never been that hard to find, and the new Cayman--Motor Authority's 2014 Best Car To Buy--is no exception. But what better way to personalize your own Cayman than by printing it out at home? As the video (via Autoblog) shows, Porsche has released 3D printing data to allow you to replicate the Cayman's form in your own home. Just how big you print it presumably depends on how big your own 3D printer will allow, but the model looks remarkably accurate.

If you're an old hand with a painting kit there's the potential to make it look even better, though the finished form does look like it requires some sculpting for the full effect--the newly-finished model appears to need its wheel wells cutting out and a little detailed attention here and there to pick out some of the Cayman's details. If you're handy with a computer the results could be even more interesting--once you've got a Cayman to work on a Boxster isn't far behind, while there's surely the potential for race cars, shooting brakes and all manner of other designs from skilled coders...

To get the Cayman plans just head to the relevant Porsche page, and download the Zip file. And if you create anything interesting, be sure to throw in the #3DCayman tag on social media sites.


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