When it comes to movie car chases, it doesn't get much better the shopping-mall escapades in The Blues Brothers. It's got everything: wanton destruction, snappy dialogue, and a police car spinning on its roof. It's the kind of iconic scene that can't be replicated, or can it?

Jake and Elwood's drive through the Dixie Square Mall was meticulously recreated in plastic-brick form by the LEGO masters of Bricktease. According to Mashable, the stop-motion video replicates the original chase shot-for-shot.

Builder Duncan McConchie used over 5,000 LEGO pieces to construct the mall set. He designed the mall and the three cars in LEGO's digital design program, which allowed to him to calculate exactly which pieces he needed.

The entire mall set fits on a relatively large tabletop, and probably took almost as long to build as an actual building. In his "Making Of" video, McConchie says he spent four hours just on the JC Penny storefront the Bluesmobile drives through in the chase's finale.

The only question is: Does that LEGO Bluesmobile have a LEGO cop motor, LEGO cop tires, LEGO cop suspension, and LEGO cop shocks? Does it run good on regular LEGO gas? Does the LEGO cigarette lighter work?

Bricktease isn't the only source of LEGO automotive obsession. Other cars replicated in brick form include the Ford Shelby GT500 Mustang, Mercedes-Benz Unimog U400, and BMW X1.


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