They say that you never really grow up, your toys just get bigger. If LEGO's latest Technic kit is anything to go by, that old statement is pretty close to the mark.

LEGO has teamed up with Mercedes-Benz to create the biggest Technic kit ever based on the Mercedes-Benz Unimog U400 commercial vehicle. In 1:12-scale and made up of 2,048 pieces the 15-inch model is a pretty good likeness of the real-life Unimog and even features a pneumatically-operated crane with a gripper arm.

You can also fit the kit with a front winch, snowplough and it rides along on large wheels with working suspension. Even better, it has working differentials, a four-wheel drive system and a LEGO engine with moving pistons.

Just like Mercedes-Benz, the Unimog is celebrating its birthday this year and at 60 years old it's almost half the age of the company that makes it. Back in June Mercedes celebrated with a Unimog Concept, curiously inspired by the poison dart frog. The LEGO model is a fitting tribute to a workhorse that serves people across the world.