Not many can claim to be a guru of any one subject. These people do, of course, exist and the things that folks can claim to be extreme experts about is presented on a rather wide range. If you're a guru about radish farming, we're not terribly interested to hear more. If, however, you're a guru in the world of vintage Ferrari restoration then you have all of our available attention at your disposal. We want to hear every last drop of wisdom you'd like to share, and any and all anecdotes you have sitting pretty in your brain.

Since we'll most likely never run into such a guru, we're lucky to have the CNBC show "Secret Lives of the Super Rich" to give us the insight we so desperately crave. An episode airing on October 16th dives into the world of vintage Ferrari restoration. The producers of the show were told to seek out a man named Wayne who lives, not in Italy, but in the quite corner of the world known as Neenah, Wisconsin.

CNBC provided a snippet of the episode, and it briefly shows the efforts that Wayne takes to get his project vehicles in perfect shape. Finding other examples upon which to base a build off of is not an easy task, yet Wayne and his team manage to track down the parts, cars, and people they need to work with. It's certainly an interesting look inside a world in which 99% of the planet will never have access. The Ferrari market is exploding, and it shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, a 1963 GTO just traded hands to the tune of over $50 million.

Super rich, indeed.


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