Following on from Red Bull Racing’s series on how to build a Formula One car, Ferrari came out with its own series explaining the technology behind motorsport’s highest echelon. In this first part of the series, Ferrari takes a look at the area of aerodynamics.

The next time someone asks you about drag and downforce or what the flap does, you’ll no longer need to be nervous. Simone Resta, the deputy design chief for Ferrari’s racing division, Scuderia Ferrari, takes you through all these concepts and more.

The good news is that you don’t have to have a math or science major to understand the concepts; the series is aimed mainly at those who know little or even nothing about the technology of F1.

This first part of the series is broken up into several videos. The first video is a general introduction; the second looks at the front wing and nose of the car; the third looks at the chassis and side pods; the fourth explains the exhausts and rear corners; and the fifth, which has just been added above, looks at the rear wing and diffuser. Note, this is the final video looking at the aerodynamics of F1.


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