Just last week, word broke that the gorgeous Mazda Furai concept had burned to the ground while in the custody of Top Gear--way back in 2008. Today, the Furai's designer expressed his pain at seeing the photos of the car's charred corpse.

Carlos Salaff, a senior designer at Mazda at the time of the Furai's creation for the 2007 Detroit Auto Show, and one of the team responsible for the Furai's elegant, futuristic curves, revealed how painful--and surprisingly fresh--the sight of those burned-to-the-ground photos was in an interview with Road & Track.

Salaff hadn't even seen the photos until approached for the interview; he'd just seen them that morning. His pain upon seeing the destruction of his creation was still visceral, raw. Despite the pain of seeing the Furai in ruins, Salaff takes a positive lesson from it.

Head over to Road & Track for the surprisingly upbeat details.