We (and most of the Internet) have gone ga-ga for Infiniti's replacement to the G sedan, the Q50, since its debut in Detroit earlier this year. Soon, the wait for the general public will be over: the Q50 hits dealers August 5.

Those who've been eagerly awaiting the Q50's arrival might note that that's a couple of weeks later than the company's previous July target. According to Infiniti USA product communications senior manager Kyle Bazemore, the cars are "getting the latest updates from our engineers" before going on sale in August.

The Q50 is the next of the redesigned luxury sedans in its class to hit the market with better looks and (promised) better performance than its predecessor. Taking on the revamped BMW 3-Series, the still-new Cadillac ATS, the new-but-familiar Lexus IS, and the Audi A4 will be no small task.

The Q50 will also have to fill the G Sedan's old spot as the bread-and-butter car for Infiniti, so its arrival is essential for the brand; in May, the G sedan was the brand's second-best seller despite being off more than 48 percent against last year's G Sedan sales figures. In 2012, the G Sedan alone accounted for about 39 percent of Infiniti's overall sales.

Will the Q50 have what it takes? Will the lack of a turbocharged four-cylinder hurt sales figures? Check out our preview and then dig a bit deeper and decide for yourself. We'll have a first-hand drive review for you shortly before the sales launch.