2013 Holden Commodore SS V Ute at the Nürburgring

2013 Holden Commodore SS V Ute at the Nürburgring

The commercial rights to the legendary Nürburgring circuit in Germany went up for sale in May, following the insolvency of its operator Nürburgring GmbH (the track itself is owned by the German government).

A number of tenders offers were submitted before the close of bidding on June 12, 2013, but none of these were likely to have been made by Formula One surpremo Bernie Ecclestone.

In typical Ecclestone fashion, the British billionaire alluded last week that he was thinking about buying the rights to the 'Ring, only to deny there being any chance of it happening just a few days later.

"If I do that (buy the circuit), it would mean the German Grand Prix is secure in the future," Ecclestone first told German newspaper Die Welt late last week.

However, the 82-year-old has since told fellow German newspaper Rhein-Zeitung that it wouldn’t be practical for him to do so.

Of course, Ecclestone isn’t the only billionaire rumored to be interested in the circuit. Red Bull boss Dietrich Mateschitz of Austria is reported to have teamed up with German auto association ADAC to place a bid.  

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